Airplanes in the Garden

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight
by Joan Z. Calder
Butterfly Vowel Fill-In

The vowels are missing from these words related to butterflies. Fill in the missing vowels. Use the clue box if you need help. Get the PDF version to use in the classroom.

__ G G

M __ G R __ T __ __ N

B __ T T __ R F L Y

M __ T __ M __ R P H __ S __ S

C __ T __ R P __ L L __ R

M __ N __ R C H

P __ L L __ N __ T __ __ N

M __ L K W __ __ D


butterfly migration
caterpillar milkweed
egg monarch
metamorphosis pollination
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