Airplanes in the Garden

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight
by Joan Z. Calder
About the Composer - Rebecca Troon
Rebecca Troon
A songwriter for 30 years, Rebecca loves performing and teaching singing and songwriting to adults and children. She teaches at Summersongs & Wintersongs West, and enjoys spending time with her beloved songwriting “tribe”.

Rebecca accompanies herself on guitar, banjo, piano, bodhran, and on her infamous egg-shaker.

Her song, “Holding Hands” won first prize in the 2007 Gig Harbor Music Festival’s Songwriting contest.

Her song, Fly Away, is featured in the children's picture book Airplanes in the Garden.

She recently finished her second CD, produced by Kenny Edwards.

Rebecca songs are inspiring, funny, and down-to-earth. Her music is a source of love and healing. She writes from her heart, and the honesty and humor of her songs is moving and delightful. “I get happy when I see people in an audience laughing, and happier still when I see them crying. It’s a funny job”.

“Rebecca Troon is a force of nature!” - Wendy Waldman
“A Monster Songwriter” - Kenny Edwards

She has played at Live Oak Festival, Songtree Concert series, Trinity Backstage, Bodiehouse Concert Series, Concerts At The Border, Auburn House Concerts, and the Magic Juju Houseboat Series.

About Airplanes in the Garden: "It was monarch butterflies that brought Joan and I together. She came to my house and right away we started talking about butterfly plants. She told me about the book, I played her the song, and she loved it. I hope a lot of people plant butterfly-friendly plants after reading this book with their kids. I started to plant monarch butterfly-friendly plants after learning about how GMO corn was killing them. I wanted to do something to help."

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