Airplanes in the Garden

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight
by Joan Z. Calder
Praise for the Book - Educators
“Thank you so much for coming into our class to read your book. I really loved it and was impressed with the presentation. You had them mesmerized... I also learned a lot from it as well.”
— Michelle McCarthy - Girls' Inc.
“Congratulations on your children’s book, “Airplanes in the Garden: Monarch Butterflies Take Flight.” This book on the process of monarch chrysalis transformation is sure to delight children everywhere. Joan, I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work as manager of our greenhouse. I greatly appreciate all you do in support of botanical research on our campus. Please accept my best wishes for continuing success with your new book.”
— Henry T. Yang, Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara
“I have sung your praises and held warm thoughts of you since your visit....and last Thursday ~ you were are heroine, as our Monarch hatched! It was a life changing experience for all of us, myself included. The children would talk to the chrysalis each day and ask it when it was coming. I found myself begging it each night and morning (as we rode back & forth to school) to please wait for the children. He did! Your reading of your book and sharing the videos and answering their questions all contributed to the knowledge they retained. The hatching began about 10 minutes before the school day began. ... As the kids from next door came in, wondering what the excitement was...they were immediately hushed. When the others would say, "Look, she's sticking her tongue out!" my kids would inform then that it was called her proboscis. Of course, it was also my kids who told me we'd have to change the name when they noticed the black spots letting us know the butterfly was male! It was remarkable, really. Thank you, thank you so very much for making this incredible experience possible for us to share! ”
— Sheila, Elementary School Teacher - San Jose, CA
“I work at Dinosaur Hill Nature Center in Rochester. The children I read your book to loved it!”
— Barb
“A captivating story that informs while it delights, drawing readers of all ages in through Calder's enchanting text and Quiel's lovely illustrations, evocative splashes of color and whimsy. This superb introduction to the monarch life cycle and conservation -- concluding with migration maps and information, key facts and resources -- encourages both knowledge and imagination and will inspire you to plant your own personal butterfly garden and help protect these extraordinary creatures. Highly recommended.”
— Joan Ariel, Former Library Director, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
“Joan, I purchased your lovely book yesterday when at Island Seed and Feed. I enjoyed reading it last night in bed. The child's and adult's perspectives and language are especially beautifully presented--a wonderful read to young children!

I will enjoy using this book with K, and may in fact try it out today, or have the classroom teacher read it to her class. ...

So glad I purchased your book! I will enjoy sharing it with many others, including my grand children. If they don't already have one at the schools I connect with, it's very likely they'll want to order one. ”
— Judy Sims, Garden-Food Education Program Development
“What a lovely, charming story! It brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful and such a miraculous story of metamorphosis. Thank you for writing and publishing such a beautiful book! ”
— Mary Lindenstein - High School English Teacher
“We enjoyed meeting you and I love your beautiful book, Airplanes in the Garden! As a former kindergarten teacher, I know what keeps the attention of the young and your book is not only a fun story but full of wonderful information.”
— Lolly
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