Airplanes in the Garden

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight
by Joan Z. Calder
Praise for the Book - Gardeners
“A wonderful fanciful flight through the garden, as seen through the eyes of the author as a child. With vivid illustrations, this book ushers the reader, child and adult, into the experience of watching the fascinating transformation of monarch butterflies. Of special interest to the attentive reader is a how-to section that tells how you too can bring this experience into your own garden, by planting host and nectar plants appropriate for your region. A story for all ages that is sure to delight and inspire! ”
— Megan Mills Hoffman, Development Coordinator, Western New York Land Conservancy
“I received it yesterday and have looked through it, and I love it. It's a well written story with beautiful illustrations. I especially like the fact pages at the end.”
— Carol, NJ Audubon Nature Center of Cape May
“In this delightful, colorful children’s book, a young girl’s imagination is set afire when she discovers monarch butterflies in the family garden. Like these colorful insects, her thoughts begin to fly as she traces the metamorphose stages from egg to garden beauty of these tiny “airplanes.” In a supplement to the story, the author relates many interesting facts about butterflies. These include illustrations of their migration patterns, stages in their development, and plants that attract butterflies to the garden.”
— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden
“I can’t think of a more rewarding, long-lasting summer strategy for entertaining (and stealthily educating) youngsters than reading this fancifully illustrated, engagingly written, instructional book.”
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— Billy Goodnick, contributor to Fine Gardening
“Thank you so much for your recent donation of the children’s book, Airplanes in the Garden – Monarch Butterflies Take Flight, to Green Bay Botanical Garden. Your inspiration to write this book was truly a gift to all who read it. Exciting and educating people about the wonders of nature is right in line with our mission – to stimulate an appreciation for and an understanding of the world of horticulture and the enduring relationship between plants and people.”
— Jill Dougherty, Executive Administrative Assistant/Donor Relations, Green Bay Botanical Garden
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